Including pieces which do not yet appear on this website but eventually will.


"The Dropped Call" appeared on the nationally syndicated program
Shoestring Radio Theatre, September 2017.
"The Dropped Call" won third prize in The Helen Jean Play Contest, Spring 2017.
"The Rockstar and the Turnip" appeared in Inane, May 2017.
"QUESTION:" appeared in TL;DR, April 2017.
"The Happy Transfusion of Little Lily Lovesun" appeared in 50GS, February 2017.
"Overlord & Sons" appeared in The Literary Nest, February 2017.

"Mexican Pink" (photograph) appeared in Riggwelter, October 2017.
"Desert Grass After Winter Rain" (photograph) appeared in Synaerisis, April 2017.
"Blue Scrape" (photograph) appeared in Synaerisis, April 2017.


"Orphans" appeared in Origins Journal, November 2016.
"Revolt of the Zoo Animals" was reprinted in msgversion>2, October 2016.
"Heart Tectonics" appeared in Peacock Journal, September 2016.
"The Dark Empty House" appeared in Lunaris Review, July 2016.
"The Colossal Heads" appeared in Dime Show Review, July 2016.
"Flash Mob" (mainstream version) appeared in Sein un Werden, June 2016.
"The Dropped Call" appeared in Leannan, May 2016.


"Here's the Story of a Lovely Lady Who Was Bringing Up Three Very Lovely
appeared in Axolotl Magazine's 2015 print edition.
"Fuse" appeared in Sobotka Literary Magazine, June 2015.
"Papyrus" appeared in Spank the Carp, May 2015.
"The Pink Donkey" appeared in Deep Water Literary Journal, February 2015.
"The Prairie Demons" appeared in Cahoodaloodaling, January 2015.


"Here's the Story of a Lovely Lady Who Was Bringing Up Three Very Lovely
appeared in Axolotl Magazine, October 2014.
"The Man Who Fell Off the Edge of the World" appeared in
Pink Eye Punchade, October 2014.
"Shooters and Saints" appeared in The Moon Magazine, September 2014.
"Dive House Bitch" appeared in Here Comes Everyone, August 2014.
"Impressions: Beach Cafe" (excerpts) appeared in 7 x 20 Magazine, May 2014.
"Flash Mob" (radical version) appeared in Eyeshot, May 2014
"The Pyramid at the End of Time" appeared in Black Petals, January 2014.


"Some Cautious Admonitions Concerning Death and Snack Cakes"
appeared in Schlock Magazine, December 2013.
"Yule Tide" appeared in The Cosmic Vegetable, December 2013.
"A Lucky Day for Crocodiles" appeared in The Moon Magazine, November 2013.
"Eclipse" appeared in RiverLit, October 2013.
"A Case of Public Indecency" appeared in Unlikely Stories, October 2013.
"Song of the Siren" appeared in The Speculative Edge, February 2013.


"The Hand of the Rose" appeared in Versus Literary Journal, September 2012.
"A Little Blip" appeared in Scareship, September 2012.
"Sic Semper Tyrannis" appeared in OneTitle, Summer 2012.
"Mary Meets the Tornado" appeared in Z-Composition, April 2012.
"The Others" appeared in Aphelion, February 2012.
"Hanna" appeared in Wordland, January 2012.


"Gifts for Libya" appeared in Bartleby Snopes, November 2011.
"The Roman at the Dumpster" appeared in Used Gravitrons, November 2011.
"The Dutchman, The Cowboy, The Cheerleader and Fate"
appeared in Danse Macabre, September 2011.
"The Dinner Party" appeared in Gone Lawn, September 2011.
"Epitaph" appeared in The Camel Saloon, June 2011.
"Robots in Underwear" appeared in Sein und Werden, January 2011.


"January Thaw" appeared in Wild Violet, July 2010.
"Cartoon-girl" appeared in The Medulla Review Anthology, early 2010.


"Cartoon-girl" appeared in The Medulla Review, late 2009.
"The Eye of God" appeared in Jack Magazine, late 2009.
"Magnanimous Proceedings from a Deadly Sport"
appeared in Wanderings Magazine, late 2009.
"Keepers of the Egg" appeared in Anthro, late 2009
"The Cold River Boy" appeared in Sein und Werden, December 2009.
"Some Advice for the Rich from the Poor"
appeared as "The Money Dream" in Unlikely Stories, December 2009.
"God and Humans" appeared in The Chickasaw Plum, December 2009.
"Turnstile, a supermodern fugue in three dimensions"
appeared in The Chickasaw Plum, October 2009.
"Night Worship" appeared in Bent Pin, September 2009.
"Revolt of the Zoo Animals" appeared in Wanderings Magazine, September 2009.
"The Anthropods" appeared in MicroHorror, July 2009.
"King of the Gunmen" appeared in Unlikely Stories, July 2009.
"The Dragon and the Dolphin" appeared in Jack Magazine, March 2009.
"The Texture of Melancholy" (excerpts) appeared in Midnight Times, June 2009.
"City Bus, Guadalajara" appeared in Ducts, July 2009.
"Monody for Matador" appeared in Slow Trains Literary Journal, March 2009.
"The Brown Bag" appeared as a reprint in MicroHorror, June 2009.


"The Brown Bag" appeared in Alienskin Magazine, December 2008.


The World of Myth accepted "Yule Tide" but ceased operating before the publication date.
Flashquake accepted "The Roman at the Dumpster" but cut it due to space constraints.
The Medulla Review accepted "Fuse" but ceased operating its magazine before publishing it.
Blent wanted to use "The Pink Donkey" in its first issue but dissolved before publishing its first issue.
The Donut Factory accepted "Night Worship" but ceased operating before publishing it.

John Dishwasher

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