"Papyrus" perfectly captures the 'voice' and wisdom of ancient Egyptian fables. That's no easy task."

--Spank the Carp (May, 2015)

"..."Here's the Story of a Lovely Lady Who Was Bringing up Three Very Lovely Girls"...is ineffable. It leaves you a little awestruck. The standoffish title, the inscrutable danger in the message, the idiosyncratic prose, the seemingly atonal references. This piece is weird. But you derive such joy reading it aloud, the feeling of these word combinations in your mouth, the cadence as they leave it, that you read again and again until it decodes itself and you're left in another, small awe. It communes with you profanely."

--Axolotl Magazine (October 31, 2014)

Wigleaf Magazine longlisted "The Dinner Party"
among the best very short fictions of 2012.

"...[Zugzwang] uses a distinctively erudite style...and employs a device seldom seen in modern fiction, but one familiar to traditional storytelling: deliberately revealing the outcome of the tale at its opening, then engaging the reader with how it gets there. I was strangely moved by this work; that is, by what transpires within it, inevitability be damned."

--TQR (November 24, 2009)

"...[Cartoon-Girl] explores deep, contemporary, relevant questions: What is sentient life and consciousness? How are those concepts changing? Who controls the cultural meaning of those concepts? And most importantly, to what extent are we free if these concepts are defined by propaganda?"

--The Medulla Review (Late 2009; Vol. 1, Issue 3)

"[A] lament on the inexorable erosion of the human spirit, "Robots in Underwear" [is] a deceptively simple tale that begs for several readings."

--The World is a Text (February 1, 2011)

"The Cold River Boy" is a metaphor disguised as a fable or vice versa. It strives toward a grand theme...but it's the intricate fantasy setting the author creates which works best."

--Neon (July 5, 2009)

"Please just stop."
--A librarian upon witnessing the distribution of this flyer. (Late 2006)

"What the fuck is this nonsense?"
--a Redditor commenting on "Flash Mob" (May, 2014)

John Dishwasher

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