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The Gods of Our Fathers

Part metaphysical quest, part urban safari, part adventurous romp, The Gods of Our Fathers is an introspective epic that recalls Hemingway, Kerouac, Byron and Montaigne.

Opening in El Paso, Texas, the tale describes a 6,000-mile land journey across the American Southwest and Mexico. Cities touched include San Antonio, Veracruz, Mexico City, Querétaro, Guadalajara, Mazatlán, Tijuana and San Diego. At the culmination of this sixty-day tour the journey ends where it began, in El Paso, Texas.

En route are romantic encounters, romantic misencounters, an obsession with ballet dancers, violence, the loneliness of solo travel, Shakespeare, research for an "unfinished novel," insomnia, flirtations with "the abyss" of lunacy, and, above all, a search for that enigmatic ingredient that allows Rembrandt to last, that allows the masterpieces of Beethoven and Homer and Rubens to survive for centuries.

The pitfalls of our modern age, the obstacles that prevent our achieving a genius equal to these greats are encountered in this journey. In passing they are defined, addressed, confronted and, ultimately, seen to be transcendable. They are, in fact, The Gods of Our Fathers.


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